Welcome to Sporting Acres – the pinnacle destination for outdoor adventures. Nestled within one of the highest peaks in San Diego, California, Sporting Acres offers a large variety of activities in one of the most beautiful landscapes nature has to offer. Indulge your senses with the purest sights, sounds and smells that nature has to offer.

Enjoy activities such as hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, horseback riding, sightseeing, glamping, tours, paddle boarding, bird watching and many more. We boast an average temperature of 75° between April and October, which makes for cool evenings and tolerable day temperatures to get lost in nature or enjoy a day of fishing. Between the months of November and February we enjoy in the occasional snowfall to indulge in sledding in hills of fresh powder.

Sporting Acres is located in close proximity to several casinos, organic farm stands and the famous Julian Apple Pie Co. The city lights of downtown San Diego and the San Diego Airport are about an hour and a half away by car; however, the further you drive away from the lights and up the mountain, the more you feel at peace and at home. If you’re looking for an escape from a demanding life, then it sounds like Sporting Acres it just the fix you need.

Please visit www.sportingacres.com