Corporate Packages

At V1 Ranch, we want to assist you in creating an unforgettable corporate retreat to help rebuild and improve employee relationships as well as invigorate the work environment. We feel that the bonding that takes place within and around the field is second to none and is an incredible catalyst in building camaraderie, creating enthusiasm and inspiring teamwork.

When you book your corporate hunt with us, rest assured knowing that we strive to go above and beyond, ensuring that your experience is not only relaxing but memorable. Our corporate packages will provide you with everything needed to harness that bonding atmosphere, while still providing an engaging and enlightening environment for your company associates. We will never mix your corporate event with any other events or hunts – the V1 Ranch property will be strictly for you and your employees to enjoy, relax, bond and share.

Included in your pricing is first class lodging, personal chef featuring 3 custom meals per day, knowledgeable guides, well trained dogs and handlers, crafted hunts and as many amazing, high flying birds as you could ever want. While in the field, we provide a 3:1 ratio of hunters to guides to be certain that all of your employees are receiving top notch care and attention, whenever they need. When you book your corporate event with V1 Ranch, know that the sky is the limit.

Please let us know what we can do to make sure that your employees have a truly memorable experience with us. Our concierge service will always strive to provide whatever they can, whenever you need it. We look forward to hosting your next corporate event here at V1 Ranch!

Please call 760 782 3000 for pricing, planning and more details.

What people say

  • Nan Harman

    We were thrilled to find an unheard of drive-in locale where we could hunt pheasants in an expansive natural setting. I am fairly new to this sport but embraced first and foremost a wild setting not blighted by development. The view of field #2 with high terrain, ponds, cover and almost free of fences was most impressive. The families legacy is a story of its own, made more intriguing by the talent and color Tina and Dany offered. The staff was so friendly, welcoming, unpretentious, charismatic and warm that we found ourselves more able to absorb all our surroundings and what V1 had to offer. All was polished and darn fun. Thank you, Dany, for your tips for me the novice (don’t hold back next time), and Tina for your in-lodge ambiance! We look forward to more visits!

  • Sean T. - San Diego, CA

    “I’ve been on numerous guided bird hunts and this is top shelf hunting!”

  • Paul Grossbard - Houston, TX

    "Dany and Tina were great hosts - very accommodating. The facilities are excellent, food outstanding and the service left nothing to be desired. Hunts were great with good dog work & opportunity to talk down birds. Will be back!"

  • Steve Cooley - former Los Angeles District Attorney

    “Fabulous experience! Well organized and executed. Can hardly wait to do it again.”

  • Jimmy Trahin - Los Angeles, CA

    “A fantastic hunt with great dogs & great guides. A pheasant hunt like no other & one you will never forget.”

  • Brent Larson - Houston, TX

    My V1 Ranch experience exceeded expectations, including comfortable accommodations, expert dog handling, serious upland hunting and great meals. Dany and Tina are wonderful hosts! Morning coffee on the balcony overlooking the valley should not be missed. This is a unique upland hunting destination, and I will definitely return and recommend it to my friends.

  • "Dozer Dave" from Discovery Channel show Gold Rush

    Beautiful accommodations, amazing food, well trained dogs, and hard flying birds on unbelievable land with amazing weather! I’ve been on a lot of bird hunts, and my hunt at V1 Ranch has been the best yet! I highly recommend V1 to everyone!

  • Dan Martin - Orange, CA

    "Hands down the best hunting experience of my life"

  • Jim B. - Phoenix, AZ

    "My hunting experience at V1 Ranch was one of the best days of my life!"

  • Skeets Dunn - Spokane Valley, WA

    "I have hunted since I was 6 years old in all kinds of habitat around the world. If you like hunting birds, enjoy a fantastic lunch with unmatched scenery, you need to visit the V1 Ranch. They have great overnight accommodations too if you succumb to the Dauo Vineyard wines they like to serve. You will not be disappointed with their little piece of heaven."

  • Steve Carter - Capistrano Beach, CA

    "We loved our hunt at V1 Ranch. The terrain was diverse, the birds were flying and plentiful! We brought our pointer and she had a great time. The staff is excellent and all about catering to the specific needs of their clients. I highly recommend V1 Ranch for Upland game hunters who want a unique and first class experience."

  • Anthony Turin - Sandy, OR

    "Way beyond my expectations!!! Everything was a step above! Amazing service and people! Highly Recommend!"

  • Zachary Downing - Lake Forrest, WA

    "Everything was fantastic! Had an awesome time! Top-notch!"

  • Don Warring - Mesa, AZ

    Simply an outstanding experience from start to finish. The location is beautiful and secluded, the staff is super friendly and makes you feel like part of the family. The lodge and food are on a 5 star hotel level, top notch. We had a great time in the fields too, the birds are strong high flyers and were a lot of fun to hunt. I'd never done a driven hunt before and the staff made it an experience I'll never forget. I highly recommend V1 Ranch if you're looking for a high end pheasant hunt.

  • Matt Swanson - San Diego, CA

    Took the family to V1 Ranch, great staff, great lodge, tons of birds. This is my new go to place for pheasant in Southern California!

  • Courtney Costello - San Diego, CA

    V1 Ranch is the absolute BEST spot for HUNTING and if you want the full top class experience this is where you want to be!! Not to mention it's one of the most beautiful places in all of California and Tina is just absolutely amazing every step of the hunt from making reservations all the way until the end, they are the best people to work with! Love V1 Ranch!!